Benvenuto a Sicilian Connections.....bentornato a casa!
We understand how you feel. 
Sicily isn’t just a destination to you…….Sicily is in your soul. 
It’s part of who you are and it’s your identity.

Other people see a beautiful island dazzling under the Mediterranean sun but you see so much more than that….. you see home. 
It doesn’t matter if you’ve been visiting Sicily every year since you were born or if you’ve never even set foot on the Italian island, it’s still in the blood that runs through your veins and it’s in the air that you breath. You are intoxicated by Sicily and the two of you are interlinked for life.

Here at Sicilian Connections we understand that. 

We know what it means to close your eyes and be transported back to hot summer days, Italian songs playing on the radio and the unforgettable scent of bougainvillea. 
To hear the children playing in the street, the cicadas in the grass and the clattering of pans as lunch is prepared for one o’clock sharp. 
The feeling that nowhere in the world will ever touch you in the way that Sicily has.

Our home is at the foot of Mount Etna and every morning that we spend in Sicily we step out onto our balcony with a steaming hot cup of espresso and gaze at the magnificence presented before us. We adore this land.

It is our purpose in life to unite Sicilians across the world and connect them with their ancestral island; to help them experience the beauty and culture first hand no matter where they are currently located.

We are inviting you to connect to your Sicilian heritage. 
We’re inviting you to join us in ‘Sicilian Connections - Discover Your Heritage’ -

This is a two week immersion into the process of discovering more about your ancestors, your Sicilian roots and consequently, yourself.

We are hosting a community where you will receive video tutorials, resources and everything you could possibly desire to start uncovering your ancestral journey. 

All of this will take place in a private Facebook group where you can connect to other Sicilians around the world and share your story with the people who truly relate to you. 

We will be with you every day to guide, assist you and make the process an enjoyable one.

Think of it as a two week journey into the heart of your Sicilian family. 
The Details

As soon as you sign up you will have instant access to the private group so that we start getting to know you and your Sicilian Connections!

The immersion starts on Monday 18th March, 2019 for two full weeks and you will have access to the Facebook group with it's video replays and Sicilian community for as long as you desire!

Here are some of the things that we will be covering (among many others!) -

Starting your research at home in the USA
- the key facts that you need to uncover before you even start on your research and where to find out this crucial information

The Americanization of Italian names over the years and how to avoid making the common errors that can set you back years in your research.

The top available resources currently available, both on and offline, to make your search so much quicker and easier.

Taking your research over to Sicily
 - the huge mistakes made by so many researchers and how to approach things the ‘Sicilian way’ (i.e. the only way that is going to show you any results).

The most important records available in Italy and how to access them.

Recommended resources to take your research to the next level.

Most importantly you will have a community around you to share your discoveries with and to ask for help if you come across any challenges.

** The videos will be presented during the official two weeks of the program but they will stay in the group for you to access for as long you need, as will the supportive Facebook community **

Even if you’re not quite ready to dive into your research we absolutely recommend joining the program so that you can have the resources available when the right time presents itself.

New bonuses!
We've added some exciting bonuses into the program which are going to help you so much when it comes to collecting information about your family! 

Apart from the invaluable video trainings and the supportive Facebook community, you're now also getting the following printables to help you record your important findings - 

** Family Group Record Sheet to compile all of the invaluable findings that you're uncovering about your family tree. 

** Five Generation Ancestor Chart Record important ancestral information on this five-generation pedigree chart.

** Research Journal to record any resources, websites and tools that you're going to look into and to keep your findings in one place.
When does the program start?
When you sign up for 'Sicilian Connections - Discover Your Heritage' you will get immediate access to the Facebook community where the program will take place. The first video training will be posted on Monday 18th March and you will regularly receive trainings for two full weeks.
What if I'm not available at the times of the video trainings?
You will have unlimited access to all of the trainings in the group and can replay them as many times as you like! We understand that people are busy and that we have community members in many different time zones, therefore we have designed the program delivery to accommodate everyone.
What if I'm not quite ready to dive into my family research?
We understand that not everyone is one hundred percent ready to dive into their ancestral journey. That's why we will keep the Facebook group open indefinitely to allow you to start your research when the time is right. We don't know when this program will run again therefore we recommend that you sign up now and to ensure access to the trainings and content.
Will I have access to you?
Absolutely! Sicilian Connections is very close to our heart and we want to be an integral part of this special experience. We will be active in the group throughout the two weeks to offer support and answer questions.
About Sicilian Connections
Taking you closer to 'casa dolce casa'

Welcome to Sicilian Connections!
We are Debra & Pietro Santangelo and since 2004 we have been dedicated to uniting Sicilians across the world and helping you feel closer to your home or the home of your ancestors.

We can't wait for you to join us inside 
'Sicilian Connections: Discover Your Heritage'! 

You can contact us anytime by clicking here
Join us on a journey of discovery, knowledge and above all 'amore'.
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